Dec. 20th, 2014

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The ethics of the workplace hook-up.

At a restaurant or club on the weekends, you can get up and walk away if someone acts too sexually aggressive. At school you could drop a class. Yet on the job, you are often trapped morning, noon, and night with someone if you reject them harshly. They could retaliate and destroy a woman’s career, bills, and healthcare. Due to males at jobs making more money and getting promoted more on average compared to females according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, males asking women out on the job often have absolute power over the females. Even if that person works in a separate unit or branch of the workplace area, males often have power, friendship with the management, and control over the entire workplace situation that makes “consent” questionable at best. Pursuit of workplace hook-ups are NOT a good idea.

In many countries the concept is new that this is a no-no. Yet in America the genders still struggle with the concept today. Yet another Austin police officer was asked to retire this week, after an original batch of Austin police officers got caught on camera making rape jokes. Is this now “okay” with authority figures wearing uniforms in modern day, that there are no checks and balances on sexual behavior? It reminds me of the line from the movie Mean Girls: “When we call each other b**** and whores, it makes it okay for MEN to call us b***** and whores.” It is sort of cruel to promise girls a world of equality when they grow, only to have it totally absent from reality.

Officer Quote to Journalist: "You think about the women's movement today. 'Oh, we want to go to combat,' and 'We want equal pay and we want this.' You want to go fight in combat and sit in a foxhole? You go right ahead, but a man can't hit you in public here? (Expletive)! You act like a whore, you get treated like one!" - APD Senior Officer Andrew Petrowski KXAN Dec. 19, 2014


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