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Planet Fitness Richmond, VA has now charged me 2 unauthorized deductions of $50 and $74, and triple once a month fees. I am giving the least stars on Yelp for them that I can. I could not buy my family many gifts for Christmas due to their use of my bank account as their own personal ATM. I complained to the manager. They could give me NO explanation of the unauthorized deductions. When I used the personal trainer before they went deduction crazy the trainer was HORRIBLE, and miss-spelled every workout machine on the trainer form. The Planet Fitness in Austin was wonderful, and the people were great. This branch is run by jerk bags, and I hope to put enough negative reviews on the Internet to help warn others of their customer abuse. I am putting stop payments on the bank account now. I see many other negative auto deduct related posts on yelp, and I wish I had checked Yelp before I used this location. It is lucky I have a bike, running shoes, a home fitness bike, and a home elliptical as back up for use as I do my New Year’s Resolutions.
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Adventures in waist training and tight-lacing, this is where my story starts with my latest corset kick. I am reading books & blogs on tight-lacing, and how to get small using corsets. It really works!
It turns out steel boned tight-lacing corsets and waist training can make you go down many dress sizes. They do not JUST shrink the mid-drift. They cinch down the top of the stomach causing you to crave less food. You have to wear them an inch tighter than your normal waist, and you have to wear them to sleep every night. A good personal report on a lady who did this task is the book "Victorian Secrets, What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, Present, and Myself." by Sarah Chrisman ($13 Amazon) Her hints and tips on steel boned corsets did in fact make me drop pounds, and dress sizes in the last month. I started last October 2015 when I wanted to fit into a small Halloween costume. I could not get into it at the time, but NOW I can! Amazon has steel boned tight-lacing corsets for as low as $25. This does NOT mean I have stopped working out. I have just added new things to the daily activity menu. After seeing this really work, I am sort of angry that they do NOT have public service announcements telling people how well this works on both the TV and Radio.

"My stomach got full faster with the pressure of the corset on it, and it would not let my stomach grow beyond its boundaries" page 121 Sarah Chrisman "Victorian Secrets"

"You've gone from 32 inches to 24 inches in three months! And it’s just the corset that has done that? Again I nodded." page 62 Sarah Chrisman "Victorian Secrets"

More at http://www.fh7publishing.com/
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Planet Fitness gym Richmond charged me $80 dollars for no reason, and managers gave me NO help! It is now time to change gyms. My review of this location of Planet Fitness is that it SUCKS. I am a single mom, and it is Christmas for crap’s sake. They could NOT tell me why they took the money out, and all my gym fees were payed on time. Taking money without asking is – you know – against the LAW. They said it would cost ten dollars a month, and 30 dollars a year. So far they have charged me double the 10 dollars every month in “late fees” when THEY auto-deducted at the wrong time. Now they are just taking random cash from my bank with no excuse. Time for a fraud claim. I so HATE bank auto deducts.
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I was using my Tony Little Gazelle Elliptical, and a fitness bike. Now it is packed into boxes for the new house, and I can only use the bike. I miss the Elliptical! Gazelle Elliptical, plus Slendertone belt, plus fitness bike warm-up works REALLY well at causing results. (All available on Amazon.com) I have asthma so I am a bit of an extreme cardio wimp, and I have to hunt down the things that work around the slowness. The Elliptical will be one of the first things I unpack and use. Until then I will make due with just the bike. This month I started using the MapMyRide phone and Internet fitness app. I was using the Endomondo app to post to Facebook when I had a really brag worthy workout day. Yet that app started refusing to do any Facebook posts. Then I saw a few old friends on Facebook had started to post using MapMyRide, and gave it a try. It is pretty fun! Accurate re-posts, and a thriving online friend community. It uses the Fitbit step counter, and I recommend it as an app.

I somehow managed to bike 2.2 miles today. Yet my house was half flooded by the Memorial Day Weekend floods in Austin, TX. Also, I am moving to Richmond, VA. Some weeks it is hard to squeeze in a little bit of recreation.


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