Sep. 18th, 2014

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Drugs, the Modern Day Witch Hunt and Drag-queen names.

I am angry at having been falsely accused of doing drugs and drinking many times by coworkers. I have NEVER failed a drug test! Like spirit testimony in a witch hunt, how can you truly prove or disprove what ISN’T THERE to leave evidence? I don’t do drugs at all, and I rarely drink. However, I used to be a lesbian who dated women. It is now against the law to say you hate gay people on the job, but guess what isn’t against the law? Constantly saying you think your gay coworker must be doing drugs. Even if you know they are NOT on drugs. This is absolutely a form of gay bashing and harassment. Yet supervisors refuse to stop it at many jobs.

The Internet has made it possible for a few old photos of you, fully clothed, holding the hand of your girlfriend from when you only dated women to have immortality. If you dated a few girls twice as many photos exist. If one of these gems outs you as a gay woman, and coworkers mention it publicly the constant “she must be drunk by breakfast, and do drugs” rumors start to fly in precise correlation. This has also happened to many of my non-heterosexual friends, and so I know it is very common. I took and passed many hundreds of drug and alcohol screenings. This is hard to do because the screenings are expensive. I have NEVER failed a drug test. In medieval Europe, and Puritan America the simple yelling of “Witch” could mean harassment and execution. Made-up spirit testimony could be used as evidence. This is the new attitude to yelling “drugs” in America. Tea that masks drug tests could sometimes explain a passed drug test. This makes pointing fingers and name calling of druggie can now be an infinite game. I once again say, like spirit testimony in a witch hunt, how can you truly prove or disprove what ISN’T THERE to leave evidence? Jobs can be lost due to personal grudges, prejudice on flamboyant dress, or gay sexuality.

Gay people often do not meet people in a heterosexual way at work and school easily. They are outnumbered 10 to 1 by the normal population. So they often go to nightclubs to meet people. So do their nightclub friends who like to dance, and their musician friends who like to play music. Nightclubs sell alcohol, this creates many stereotypes in hate-mongers regarding ideas that gays and gay friendly people are at breakfast daily drunk and on drugs. If they are NOT at all on substances, it is hard to prove.

Lately, Facebook has been banning Drag-queen names online. This had very much brought to the attention of people that gay bashing is NOT dead. Facebook argues that the “nicknames” people use online help criminals stay undetected. A drug dealer using a nickname could be extra hard for cops to catch. Yet it also helps non-heterosexuals avoid harassment at work. It also helps nightclub-friendly people avoid harassment at work. With no nicknames an important safety control is lost.

More on the Facebook ban:

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