Sep. 12th, 2014

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Many famous people have been called mentally genius and handicapped in the same lifetime. Albert Einstein for example, had autism. He was declared retarded and handicapped by teachers. I am taking a human growth and development class in college night school, and we are talking about normal vs. abnormal development. If you watched the famous movie “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman you know that it is a sad movie about an autistic person. The main character nicknamed “Rain Man” constantly has problems with normal life tasks. He had “abnormal development”. He often makes messes, and sometimes can’t be touched for a hug without screaming. Rain Man hates almost all human contact, and has extreme anxiety fits as he cannot talk and socialize well. He is obsessed with watching TV, and has hour long screaming fits if he cannot watch his most loved shows. Yet if you only saw the part where his brother took him to a casino, and taught Rain-Man to count cards so he won huge sums of gambling money the movie would change. You would think it was a non-stop feel good movie. Rain-Man is a wealthy suit-wearing man who never has bad days. The modern mass media has created the illusion that every person who has talents in life “never” has bad days. Yet many people are a mix of both normal and abnormal development. We are all a mixed bag of strength and weakness.

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