Sep. 9th, 2014

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I was denied all government funding for college night school again this semester. I will make it, but it will be hard. As in “no food a great deal of the time” hard.
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Stealth Bombers aircraft cost nearly $1 billion per craft; public schools only spend 8 K per child. I know I post a great deal of anti-war pictures on my journals. Yet I was just freshly denied student funding for this semester. Which makes it hurt that much more as the United States government “can afford” 1 billion dollar stealth aircraft for the military. In addition it can afford nuclear weapons that can burn the planet alive like a thousand suns. Yet our government “cannot afford” student finance for college students with good and passing GPAs. The funding it does give people in the form of “student loans” is in addition NOT free money. It goes against your credit as a debt for house and car buying. The government can take your tax returns for the rest of your life if it goes into default. In many countries with far less gross national product and tax income, they fully finance their students for life-long learning. This is fully putting to shame our schools. More at

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19401 was my step count for last night, my new Fitbit step-counter record! That was 45 mins Planet Fitness Gym treadmill, 1 hour bike. 2484 steps before 7pm 19401 steps by 12 AM 8.1 mile daily step total on 09/08/2014. I am a non-smoker, and only have asthma to train around. Yet I am happy to reach new goals with fitness. I have joined new fitness apps this week on my phone and computer. You can add me to friends using the PoeDaughter7 name on Fitbit, Sparkpeople, Runkeeper, Fitocracy, Endomondo, EveryMove, MyFitnessPal, and Lose It!

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