Aug. 12th, 2014

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The Robin Williams “suicide by asphyxia” death makes it a day to remember it is not always just a cry for help when people try to kill themselves…

“Suicide used to be regarded as shocking and blasphemous, and a coroner’s verdict of ‘felo de se’ – literally crime against oneself – usually resulted in the body being buried at a crossroads, with a stake through the heart, and with no religious ceremony.” - Monday 30th January 2012 Submitted by Rob Attar “Why were suicides supposed to be buried at crossroads”

“No cry for help. She killed herself. Both life and love could not be saved. She took them both to the grave… An endless night - this, the end of life, From the dark I feel your lips, And I taste your bloody kiss, Don't die on me, Don't die on me, Don't die on me” – Song quote Type O Negative “Bloody Kisses”

Some say being genius gifted as a child often causes suicidal depression. Robin Williams was a child genius actor who went to Juilliard and early death reports say he was “suicide by asphyxia”. Amadeus Mozart was a child genius who composed from the age of five, and suicide often listed as his cause of death. (He is depicted as committing suicide and being put in an insane asylum in the famous biographical movie “Amadeus” 1984 ) Brandenn Brehmmer graduated high school at the age of 10 and shot himself by age 14. Countless other examples exist where people are sure that a well-to-do achiever, who took honors classes as a child, with degrees, who goes out of their way to seem “happy in a crowd” must be just “seeking attention” when they confess to depression and “seem fine”. I have had to seek therapy in the past for depression, and was a gifted honors student, who skipped many grades, and graduated high school extra young. I had an unfortunate moment of extreme empathy when I heard that part of the Robin Williams story. He was a bright person being haunted by visions of a perfect world that corporations and greed will never let happen. People are sure it is all an attention-game and ploy. Unfortunately, this means friends and family keep them from taking time off from full time jobs and seeking help, which means even worse depression results. America is a victim-blaming society, which quickly “blames” people who are suffering real physical illness for their own pain if they have ever had a glass of wine too many or stayed at a party too late. It is important to remember that thousands really die from suicide every year. Some people who seem moody and death obsessed - really are moody and death obsessed, and it is not a “gimmick” for attention. Prejudice against the ill is often inflicted on people seeking care in the United States, and more healthcare programs need to be sensitive to this documented fact. 2014 has been a year of bad deaths H.R. Giger, Rik Mayall, and it makes me sad to say Robin Williams joined them in pain. He was not well treated in the end, and I have felt his journey. May he Rest In Peace.


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