Jun. 14th, 2014

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A Top 10 List of Facts About Gender Stereotypes and Power. #feministfathersday

“Feminist Fathers' Day 2014: #feministfathersday” the article by By Tomas Moniz, Chris Crass and Rad Dad community mentions that due to a crazed autistic shooter having a particularly anti-female manifesto before his killing spree this year, Father’s Day has been particularly bashed by feminists. The sappy sweet “Leave it to Beaver” style images of perfectly at home and alive fathers spewed everywhere by the mass media seem to fly in the face of a world that still fights single parent, female prejudice, and anti-female bias. My father died from Agent Orange wounds from Vietnam when I was a small child, and my grandfather died in a Japanese plane bombing. Many women knew abusive, absent, or dead fathers and single parent homes, and know these stereotypes to be myths.

Women seem to have infinite power when they are very young, they are dressed up pretty, and are out with friends or dancing. The autism shooter ranted about these women, and their supposed privilege. It can make men feel “Women have all the power!” They can sometimes be single mothers in modern day. They can sometimes have careers that pay above poverty. Yet this in no way means prejudice has disappeared from the modern female experience at all. Perhaps the most insidious problem with this prejudice is that people believe it is gone, so that women face reverse discrimination and hatred for privilege, in addition to an old world constant bias against women.

Here is a very short top 10 list of some of the modern instances of prejudice against women. 1) Women are paid 70 to 80 cents on the dollar for the same jobs as men. If and when they can get the same jobs as men, at the same hours, the Bureau of Labor Statistics still constantly verifies lower pay. Here the “Leave it to Beaver” style nuclear family father prejudice supposes all women just spend their weekend money on pretty dresses and hair styles, and are not the bread winners for children. 2) 19 percent of Congress is female, but half the population is female. This is a record high, but still gross under representation for a political body that freely taxes all U.S. women. No taxation without representation? It has never happened ONCE for women in the history of the United States. (Source “19 Percent of Congress is Female why not Half?” by Kate Shepard.) Women historically gained the right to vote and own property AFTER minority men. 3) Women are outnumbered 9 to 1 by men in the military in all branches. Women are judged by the way they do sit ups and a two mile run the second they get into the military in all branches as basic training PT, yet scientists verify all average women in all cultures globally do these actions differently compared to men due to a V shaped pelvis. Why constantly tests people on functions of areas of the body which ALWAYS statistically deviate from males if you are not going to be prejudiced against women? Answer: they are prejudiced. Women fail out of military tests at a rate of 3 to 1, and illness and injury are more dangerous to women in training. Men afterwards qualify for the GI bill more compared to females advancing future careers where they already have dominance. Men are then constantly given veterans privilege and veteran’s status at hiring in jobs, and promotion in jobs. 4) Only 5 percent of CEOs in fortune 500 companies are female. (Source “There Are Still Few Women At The Top Of Fortune 500” by huffingtonpost.com) ... 5) God is “Our Father” who art in heaven, and not at all a female. There are not female priests in the Catholic religion 176 million followers in 2012. (“How many Roman Catholics are there in the world?” 2012 BBC) 6) Women were historically burned as witches more often compared to men, and were forbidden entrance into most higher education schools. The popular Hermione Granger character by J.K. Rowling would have been burned alive, and forbidden an advanced education in most eras of history, and it is legacies of prejudice modern women still face daily. This was a calculated move by a woman who changed her name from the name Joanne Rowling to J.K. to seem less female to sell books. A woman who freely admits she thought of suicide many times while experiencing prejudice against her as a woman. (Source “Harry Potter author: I considered suicide” – CNN.com March 23, 2008) 7) Women can be arrested for showing their chest, and are sent to the office in schools for not wearing long skirts, long shorts, and long shirts. Men are not arrested for showing their chest. The constant message to all females of school ages is this, your body is evil and if men are distracted or violent it is your fault for having a female body. Men in contrast can wear tiny athletic wear, and have the pictures posted in the school yearbook of their body in athletic prime. 8) Ironically, Women are often allowed to wear extra short skirts and tops that violate dress code if they are cheerleaders chanting praise for athletic alpha men in sporting events. 9. Women are still expected to take men’s names in marriage, and children are expected to be named after the man’s side of the family. As if the woman loses her identity when married and having kids. 10) The ugliest statistic in the top 10 women are still bashed list is “Gendercide”. “Gendercide” is the title of a 1985 book by Mary Anne Warren. In many countries pre-natal scanning telling the results of a woman’s child’s gender has been banned. In many parts of America, it is also illegal for doctors to tell women the gender of their unborn children for one ugly reason. People are massively aborting female babies. This is heavily reported on in China and India, but is a worldwide problem in most countries. “Gendercide The worldwide war on baby girls” by XINRAN XUE, is an article by a Chinese writer who mentions the rise in violence accompanying the problem. The men in countries with an overwhelming female deficit have a rise in crime, due to single males committing more crimes globally. This is leading in turn to outbreaks of violence and increase in a warlike mentality. Not good news, when thinking of China’s massive war potential and aggression towards the United States. Clearly women are not a privileged group, and many people’s lives are being destroyed because of this imbalance.

Next time you think a woman is snobby, and has “all the power” in socializing remember quietly all the times in her life she has likely been dismissed and disempowered by an often brutal male dominated society. She is enjoying the one tiny glimmering moment of power she will ever have in a world that disempowers her. The pretty picture is not so pretty when you look at it over a lifetime of struggle.

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