May. 19th, 2014

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In district registered for school in many night college classes.
Today I am in-district registered for school in many credit hours of night college classes! Happy day! I had to take a break because of my back injury, and getting clobbered with other problems. I also had payment plan fees sitting in the way. Yet I am happy to be back to the productive side of things. I am not the sort of person who can survive sitting around fixing hair styles, watching soap operas, and giving the neighbors makeovers. I need a challenge to my brain to survive. Aristotle once said. “Man is by nature a goal seeking animal.” I for sure understand this drive. I like classroom classes far better than Internet only classrooms. There is a sense of dialogue and community you get from being in a class, walking past bulletin boards covered in events, hearing other people’s questions, hearing the instructor talk about current events, and walking past people in the halls on the way to class. It can be far more informative compared to looking at a cold screen.
Yes, I still plan to write comics, short stories, and books. I plan to put them on Amazon, and put the sales links on my blog. However, having teachers keep my writing sharp is a much needed task.

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