Mar. 1st, 2014

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Wash Wolf Comic 21 Black Camera and Ruby Stone
There was in fact a huge gap between comic 20 of Black Camera and Ruby Stone, and this comic 21. I did not realize how big until I looked at the art papers right now. Wow! December 06, 2013 was the last comic, and now it is the end of 2014. Almost a three month gap, and that is not great for a “regular schedule” update for a comic. However, I did not just “forget” to post, and I hated not posting my ideas. I had epic legal battles that forced me to stop. Yet they are over, and my ability to post has returned. The Tuesday and Friday updates for the Frozen History Seven Publishing’s latest and greatest underground web-comic will be resuming in the next couple of weeks. The Ruby Stone story line is like Casper the Friendly Ghost, mixed with a Ren and Stimpy’s surreal charm, and how can a comic lose? See them say strange joke puns, and go on adventures! Adventures that are collected together into books every few months, and put on sale! There is a revolution on the Internet overflowing with many forms of comics. Wow, comics sure fill up an e-book page fast. It is part of their amazing Internet publishing popularity. Bored people on the Internet will buy pretty much anything with their credit cards so it is better to have too many book purchase links up, and not too few.
FH7 comics are now archived here on these top sites of the net, pick your favorite and add me to friends: Authors Reviews and links at WordPress Blog comics in E-Mail.– Main Illustration and Fan Fiction Page. © 2013– FH7 Publishing Deviantart - Care2 Environmental – The FH7 Comics Environmental Conservation Group and Animal Neglect Prevention page.
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Post 24 Winter Sage and Trees by Road photo of the day.
This photo is called “Winter Sage and Trees by Road”. Buds fight to bloom on this winter tree headed for spring. Sage shrubs sit below the tree. It is framed by the road behind the tree.
Blog Project for Prompt: “Wordpress Daily Post Community Pool Projects: One Nature Photo a Day”
Images are at: - Wordpress - Etsy Page - Image Page - Animal Cruelty Prevention and Nature Conservation Site for these photos.


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