Jan. 5th, 2014

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New format for the New Year, a change of posts to all nature photos.

Photo: Spring Cherry Blossoms by Andrea Menzies

My blogs are now nature photo blogs. Posting humor got too many stalkers. Every joke has a "butt" to it, and you never know who is going to take it the wrong way. Nature being part of earth gets less haters.

I posted cartoons because I am a bit stumped on what to post lately. I was doing my own personal doodles and cartoons, but that was getting way too much attention from mean Internet stalkers, and also other cartoonists taking my commentary on comparing my cartoons to theirs a bit too personally. Artists are the moody type of person, and I can't really deal with that attitude right now personally. The nature of jokes is that someone or thing needs to be the "butt" of the joke, be it a political institution, drone strike, authority figure, someone, or something. You never know what nerve endings are going to get smashed with any issue. If you say you hate drone strikes, for example someone somewhere will say you are racist against Obama and flood your email with angry rants. I don’t care what Obama’s background is, I just hate dead small children in drone strikes! If you put in witches to your cartoon, some Christian community somewhere will say you are anti-Christian. Not true, I just like magic stories. I have been dealing with health issues lately so I do not want to wake up to an e-mail box filled with angry rants. Until the controversy dies down on some dark humor jokes I posted, I need another thing to blog about. So I looked into the Wordpress Daily Post Community Pool January 5, 2014 ideas page for popular blog ideas, and found the article "Projects: 365 Days, 52 Weeks by Cheri Lucas Rowlands" and saw the popular blog format "(Nature) Photo-a-day projects were a great way to maintain a regular publishing schedule. Thaddeus Miles shares an image a day on his 365 Project blog, and we like the variety of subjects he presents." as a popular blog format. I tend to do that with nature photos anyway since I live next to a large golf course and park, and I have a backlog to post. Therefore I am switching for the New Years to a nature photo a day. Not as popular as comics and humor, I know. Nature photos are listed as a blog format that is liked, and does not have problems with online journal communities. Nature being part of earth tends to not spark arguments the way a dark sense of humor can. This change of format for the New Year is my late resolution. I will return with cartoons when my health improves, and I can avoid and deal with controversy and hostility a bit better.


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