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"Lestat nearly dies after becoming human again—his new body is wracked by pneumonia, which he ignores during a tour of Washington D.C. in the middle of winter. He is saved by the care of a nun named Gretchen. He enjoys a short love affair with Gretchen before she returns to South America, where she works in a convent, and Lestat sets out in search of his body. Lestat seeks help from other vampires but is completely ostracized by them. Marius is extremely angry at him for leaving such a powerful body to a thief and refuses to help him. Likewise Louis turns him away when he asks Louis to make his new body into a vampire, arguing that Lestat ought to be happy to be human again and also calls him out on his previous writings, accusing him of altering his actual past in favor of one that portrays him heroically. Lestat's only ally is David Talbot." - Wikipedia entry on Anne Rice's book Tale of the Body Thief.

One good thing about Richmond, VA is that it is very close to Washington DC. I have been constantly going there lately, and can see why it is a place loved by writers.
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Funny Facebook Moment
The Leather Strip show last night was sooooo great in Richmond! If you are on the tour, see the show!
Andrea E. Menzies All of Austin is showing SXSW photos on my feed, it is nice that Richmond has SOME fun stuff to do. It makes my home sickness for Austin a little bit less harsh when I see a big crowd and live music in Richmond. Even if the event was only half the size of the Austin show.
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David Jeffrey Marrs
David Jeffrey Marrs Really wish I could've made it. There's lots of burlesque shows around here too.
Like · Reply · March 17 at 6:56pm
Brian S Parris
Brian S Parris What?! How did I miss that this happened? Where was the show?
Like · Reply · March 17 at 9:26pm
Jazzie Wonder
Jazzie Wonder My band is opening for Leather Strip in NOLA in a month.
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Wish I could visit New Orleans in a month, ha ha.
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies The show was at Fallout, they had it on the webpage all month. I am amazed more people from the Richmond Nancy Raygun goth nights from 2005 did not show at all. They used to play Leather Strip all the time.
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At long last I get to see the Panda baby up at the Zoo in D.C. Anne, Alexandria, and I went on a trip there Sunday. I have always felt a bit of empathy with Panda bears. They are a shy, solitary, pale mixed with dark creature that does not fit in with the agenda of the modern money loving industrialized world. P.S. I had a great time seeing all the animals, and baby panda bears at peak baby-cutie-pie state.
Funny Facebook Moment of the Week.
Panda Cub Bei Bei Is Unamused by Snow
Cute panda cub Bei Bei recently got his first snow experience at the Smithsoniana's National Zoo in Washington, DC, ahead of the big blizzard on the way.
Alice Pfonner, E Anne Brockett and 2 others
Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies I have collected toy pandabears since I was 7. I have 200 on my bookcase right now. I have REALLY wanted to see the baby panda Bei Bei for a photo day.
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From Facebook: Andrea Menzies
10 hrs ·

I made it to Richmond, VA okay.

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Andrea Menzies We are in the new house now.
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Jean Brehm-stern Please Text me your new address your mom was going to but hasn’t.
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Andrea Menzies It is likely going to be a couple of weeks before I can be social, three days on the road can take a lot out of you in energy.
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Heart Ache Welcome! You came in with a storm!
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Brandon Powell Drive safe!
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Austin Moore Hope it's fun for ya!
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Devin McCain Godspeed!
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John Elysium Gonna miss ya!
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Jean Brehm-stern Here's hopping you can see the big easy on your trip try to stay dry!
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