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Funny Facebook Moment
The Leather Strip show last night was sooooo great in Richmond! If you are on the tour, see the show!
Andrea E. Menzies All of Austin is showing SXSW photos on my feed, it is nice that Richmond has SOME fun stuff to do. It makes my home sickness for Austin a little bit less harsh when I see a big crowd and live music in Richmond. Even if the event was only half the size of the Austin show.
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David Jeffrey Marrs
David Jeffrey Marrs Really wish I could've made it. There's lots of burlesque shows around here too.
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Brian S Parris
Brian S Parris What?! How did I miss that this happened? Where was the show?
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Jazzie Wonder
Jazzie Wonder My band is opening for Leather Strip in NOLA in a month.
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Wish I could visit New Orleans in a month, ha ha.
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies The show was at Fallout, they had it on the webpage all month. I am amazed more people from the Richmond Nancy Raygun goth nights from 2005 did not show at all. They used to play Leather Strip all the time.
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I was using my Tony Little Gazelle Elliptical, and a fitness bike. Now it is packed into boxes for the new house, and I can only use the bike. I miss the Elliptical! Gazelle Elliptical, plus Slendertone belt, plus fitness bike warm-up works REALLY well at causing results. (All available on Amazon.com) I have asthma so I am a bit of an extreme cardio wimp, and I have to hunt down the things that work around the slowness. The Elliptical will be one of the first things I unpack and use. Until then I will make due with just the bike. This month I started using the MapMyRide phone and Internet fitness app. I was using the Endomondo app to post to Facebook when I had a really brag worthy workout day. Yet that app started refusing to do any Facebook posts. Then I saw a few old friends on Facebook had started to post using MapMyRide, and gave it a try. It is pretty fun! Accurate re-posts, and a thriving online friend community. It uses the Fitbit step counter, and I recommend it as an app.

I somehow managed to bike 2.2 miles today. Yet my house was half flooded by the Memorial Day Weekend floods in Austin, TX. Also, I am moving to Richmond, VA. Some weeks it is hard to squeeze in a little bit of recreation.
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My review of the Covenant and De/vision show:

Covenant and De/vision remains the best show I have seen in years. It has a light show and sound system that takes you out of this world. You will see visions of parallel universes as you dance in epic ways. Covenant and De/vision played at the Red Eye Fly and Elysium this weekend in Austin, TX. One wrist band got you into both events, tickets were available online in advance at the Secret Oktober store in the South Austin area. As music crossed the ocean in in epically new ways at the dawn of the Matrix style world of the 90s Internet, Covenant and De/vision were pioneers and headliners in the electronic music world. They will always have a special place in my heart, even if the song Dead Stars got so over-played some people would go on screaming sprees if they heard it one more time. Their show has lost no energy over the years, and is filled with a powerhouse sound. The Covenant lead singer touched my arm three times as I sat by the bathroom door at the show. I am still thrilled by it.

One down side of the show, was that promoters were trying to make it a two day event. Everyone wanted to be associated with the big headliner acts that packed the venues like sardines. Most of Facebook mentioned afterward the first day was filled with more than a bit of melodrama. I hear some hip-hop guys tried to start a fight by the dance show. Synthpop and goth guys wearing make-up, styled up hair, and corsets are NOT there to fight your man-hood. Some people say that since some goths and industrial types wear white make-up that it is not multicultural, and all the people into it are super-white Eurotrash. This mythology is NOT true. At the show the last few people I hugged goodbye were a Mexican-American person, a Chinese guy, and a person of Philippine decent. It was seriously NOT an Anglos-only social event by any stretch of the imagination. There is a Facebook page that I am on called “Black Goth Girls” and it has many thousands of people who post, and follow the group. Warning: you may be alienating yourself from MANY attractive single girls if you are a guy starting fights at a goth dance concert.

The concert was a success despite drawing in the haters. There will always be some people out there who try to start trouble at every turn. If you are lucky enough to be on one of the tour dates Covenant and De/vision have not yet played, you should make it out to the show. I will download their MP3s on Amazon.com music service with renewed energy after this great music event.


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