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Fitbit will make you talk all day.

Got my family to help order me a Fitbit. I can do light stretches waiting to get doctor care enough to really do recovery.

Everyone loves to talk about fitness, and body change. It is the great equalizer of all humanity. Everyone wants to be a bit more fit, healthy, older if a kid, younger if old, toned, tanned, pale, recovered from injury or some new thing. It makes every type of person on the planet want to talk all day.

Hundreds of days after its start, and I am still stuck in a long-long-long and painful lawsuit. I am still in pain. I can't put anything up for sale, ask for donations, or truly begin a recovery process until it is over. USA government bureaucracy is very painful.

Yet I am not going to dwell in darkness. Living well is the best revenge. I am getting tools to overcome weakness, not wallow in it.
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I’m not trying to get all ranty, but some things are noteworthy. Some months I just can’t post Snookie jokes enough. She shows a bit of a money problem in the U.S. Why is it that a private in the military who plea bargains their way off of parole to get into the military gets health insurance from the government, but “A” students at University don’t? I have seen many military guys chain smoke all day, and pass PT tests get into the military get Tricare plus VA hospital care. Yet I have had many non-smoker University students friends get sick and be abandoned. I myself was uninsured when I was at University. A degree is no guarantee of a job with healthcare for yourself or your kid if you do make it past school. Snookie was paraded around as she had a child. Both say something about the population the government wants surviving and breeding in America.
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I got more back injury lawsuit paperwork from my lawyer today. I got injured in various ways pretty hideously a few years ago, and illegal medical negligence was part of the health issue. The case goes to trial in the next two months. I am excited, but also stressed out and afraid. A win would be great, but waiting on horrible government bureaucracy to work (or not) really is nightmarish. I would just “not admit” to having health issues yet people then thinks yelling at you in mean ways will make you “snap out of it” and act perfect. There may not BE an out of it “to snap out of” so that you become completely stressed out. I am looking forward to that part being over when I am better.


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