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On the holidays we learn that opening gifts and getting them to work are two separate battles. My daughter was given a tablet, and I can’t figure out how to connect it to the wireless Internet network. In other news, this is cute overload’s Christmas Hat Spinach Pig.
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Comics on break due to blog hack.

The writing group known as FH7 is on writing break due to hacking of many blogs and e-mails for promotion of the site. Also, government paperwork melodrama is a factor. This break of at least a month will continue until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience, there really were dozens of readers writing fan mail in support of the characters to many stories. Plus a large readership was joining the e-mail lists on Wordpress, who potentially may have been book buyers. Plus a large readership was joining the e-mail lists on Wordpress, who potentially may have been book buyers.
However we have been trying to publish comedy fiction. There is no such thing as a joke that does not have a “butt” to the jokes. All comedy has a bit of the tragic in it. The “Yo momma’s so fat” jokes, for example, many mothers would hate being told in real life they are big enough to REALLY sit around a house. So, we made a few jokes about vegetarians and mathematicians. We have many friends who like math, and I have NOTHING against math. In addition I have many times been a vegetarian. I am laughing WITH you not AT you. You chose to study math, computers, be an Aggie, and you chose to be a vegetarian it is not like you are being reminded of joys and limits you have no say in being part of in life. Study major, music choice, and diet is the last bastion of politically correct humor available on earth. Yet I may have to delete them into a “lost comics” section only close friends can see due to protest and complaint. Why do people have nothing better to do than to protest webcomics? No one knows. To make a long story short this flame war must be resolved before more comics can be made or FH7 will be booted off everything on all of the net.


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